Career After Class 12: Here’s How To Become An Air hostess

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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The airline industry offers an opportunity to develop your career as the industry is continuously growing.

Cabin crew job allows meeting and interacting with interesting people daily which makes job interesting.  Working in the airline industry means you have a demanding job but along with that, you get an opportunity to travel the globe. It also provides a lot of lifestyle benefits. They also ensure that their employee’s health is looked after by providing a health plan at a discounted rate. The airline industry provides a good salary to their employees and of course, this can be one more to get attracted to this profession.

Career After Class 12: Here's How To Become An Air Hostess

As a crew member, your responsibility is to ensure that the passenger is having a good flight and needs to resolve any problems the passenger is facing. You are taught to be polite but of course not give up your dignity. Air hostess has a big responsibility of taking care of passengers on the flight. If reaching the skies, traveling, and attending to people in your dream, this sector is the best career option for you. It is not a gender-based job, whether you are male or female you can achieve so much in this field, where you just not only explore the world but grow as a person along with your airline.

The Air hostess job seems like an easy job but she has many responsibilities on the plane. An air hostess can be later on promoted as a senior flight attendant and then head attendant. Age limit usually depends upon the policy of a particular institute. Normally academies prefer candidates within the age group of 18 years and 28 years. Good appearance, as well as pleasant voice, is must necessary. You must have friendly nature because you have to be friendly with passengers on board. A friendly outgoing personality is what makes an Air hostess. You have to be calm to face people with a different mindset.

Good communication skills and language proficiency is a must for any Air hostess because you must be able to communicate with the travelers and help them out if they need anything. Improved communication skills are very important to convince passengers. As well as mastery in spoken language and other foreign languages is necessary. The presence of mind is also essential because if there is an emergency landing, then Air hostess has to use her brain and give all the required instructions to the passengers on boards. Presence of mind help to tackle difficult situations. They have to show the great presence of mind in any such eventualities.

Some eligibility criteria that you have to follow like 10+2 with a degree in hospitality, or another graduate degree. Height of minimum 157.5 centimeters, weight proportionate to the height, eligible for an Indian passport, unmarried, perfect eyesight, good health.

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