Sex can be bane at an early age

By- Erlinda J Fronda, @lynfronda23, INN/Philippines;
At a young age, doing things without a thorough thinking and planning can sometimes leads to a quandary situation that is so regretful to growing minds and their consciousness. Although not all abrupt decisions will cause a mishap, usually it brings to nowhere and seldom applauded in a welcoming state.

Its because most of the unwanted and impulsive decisions in our lives especially to youngsters will make our path cloudy that will lead us directly to a crossroad. If you made the wrong turn, your life will be like a battleground of hardship and sorrow that will affect the health, mentally, physically and emotionally as well.
Like adults indulging in sexual intercourse for instance. Doing it in an early stage of anybody’s life whether be a girl or a boy will surely have some negative effect. This can happen especially when it’s marred with a frightening action such as rape, incest and exploitation leading to shame.
The effect may lead to a sexual abnormality in their lives. A failed physical contact such as sexual intercourse causes anxiety, guilt, remorse which hinders a healthy sexual development but leads to a sexual arrest instead deterring a person to live her/his life normally. When it comes to Girls especially in an adolescent stage, having sex can double the risk of developing a cervical cancer according to research.

Dr. Silvia Francheschi, a Gynecologist born in Italy and a Research Fellow at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund, Oxford, UK, said that the risk of cervical cancer is higher in women who had their first intercourse at a young age compare to those at an age of 25.
She even said, “in our study about poor women who tends to become sexually active at an average age of 4 years earlier (around the age 21) may have been infected with HPV giving the virus more time to produce the long consequence of events that are needed for cancer development”.
HPV is short for Human Papillomavirus, the most common sexually transmitted infection that can be acquired through genital contact.
Actually, if you are infected with the virus, cancer may sometimes grow in the mouth or throat, rectum or anus. Men is no exemption to this either because they get a “penile HPV cancer”, Dr. Wesley Walker of Cancer Research UK, said, “these results backed up the need for the HPV vaccination to be given in schools at an age before they start having sex especially among girls in remote areas”, she added.
And with increasing sexual content from the reading materials, televisions and social media nowadays, I think the parents’ guidance, care and love is greatly needed for our growing kids and it’s immensely important to take a step at once before something happens to them that we parents will land us blaming ourselves for not giving them enough affection. Because the presence of someone they can trust will boost their feelings and guts, it might probably be the defense mechanism for our youth not to engage themselves into something they will regret later in their lives.

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