Photo Exhibition launched by HCAS Media Department

By – INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

The HCAS Department of Media Studies, launched a photo exhibition in which over 250 photographs taken by students were on display. Deputy Director of Academics Dr. V. J. Philip cut the ribbon to inaugurate the show. While the Principal Dr. S. Thirumagan Vice Principal Mr. Samuel Sampath Kumar Dean  Dr S. Illanjiam, staffs and students of Media studies looks on.

The meeting started with prayer message by College Chaplin Rev. Job Varghese  followed by felicitation address of the Principal Dr. S. Thirumagan. In his address, he is happy to be present in the photo exhibition of the Dept. of Media Studies as the College has given an importance and special treatment to the Department.  Dr. KCG Verghese, the Founder and Chairman had a fond for the department as it is an innovative one and everyone admires photos. He narrated  the importance of media nowadays and wished success to staff and students of the department.

Dr. V.J. Philip while speaking on the occasion said, “it is a great privilege to be here and college is supportive of media studies school”. Dr. KCG Verghese evinced the keen interest and management of the college that gives or treating the department in a special way as photos are socially relevant today.  He said, the post graduate program of Journalism and Mass Communication improved strength and it touched double digit in students admitted to this course.  Additionally, Viscom is also a popular course of the college and said about wedding photos pile up in number as days go by. He spoke of National Geographic Magazine wherein a photographer spends even weeks for a single shoot. Also, photos does changed the events in history whether it’s a  girl in the war torn region or somewhere else. It definitely changed the entire scenario as it was showing the stark reality. He stressed social relevance of photos and congratulated the students for excellent work as he ended.

Mr. M.P. Prabhu in his valedictory speech welcomed the Chief Guest Mrs. Vasanthi, an Archaeologist  working in temples as students of Viscom have gone to work under her and also Mr. Praveen Crispugg  studying in Birmingham UK and Madras of Fine Arts College said the Director Dr. Susan Marthandon have given all support in arranging meetings and in buying equipments needed. He thanked  the Principal Dr. S. Thirumagan in motivating and supporting students and the department well in all possible ways

The Director Dr. Susan Marthandon handed over gifts and photos to Chief Guest and other guests as Dr. S. Thirumagan spoke welcoming Director Susan Marthandon and said that he knew Dr. Vasanthi before and she is a great personality guiding Ph.D. Students, as we should bring a research wing in media sciences in getting degrees are not just enough. We feel happy about competitions of photographs by our students that shows enthusiasms. The Media Science Department is doing a good work as college got a B++ in NAAC accreditation and more should be done in drawing as she saw mainly black and white like the concept of hope. Hope should be communicated in drawings for mankind, she ended.

The Dean, Dr. Illanjiam, in her address said, Media Department is doing a good work and described or invoked Lord Brahma in saying they are Kalai Brahmas. NAAC team is impressed with media department and  recalled with keen interest of Founder Chairman Dr. KCG Verghese in Media Department.  She introduced the Chief Guest Dr. Vasanthi who published books, carried excavation in Poompuhar Gangaikonda Cholapuram and also a guide of Ph.D. students who are working under her, doing digital work on Poompuhar and also assisted International Tamil Institute.

Mr. Ibiraj Faculty of Media Studies, introduced  the guest Praveen Chrisbugg who has MFA in Fine Arts and went on to work in Birmingham, UK to study further and has his own photography studio that developes variety of shows. He is basically an artist lecturing in different colleges and does an inspiration inspirational speeches.  He had found lots of ideas in the flood themes and cited that drawing needs more inputs of some sort of ideas. “Originality and technology is the way that theme flood is easier to catch and can symbolically without downloading online” he added.

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