India’s education system will become world-class by G20: Prof Kamkoti

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial

There is a possibility of many changes in India’s education system after this G-20 Education Summit. In this G-20 education summit, we will get an opportunity to understand and learn about the education system of different countries. One will get to know and understand what kind of technical education is being practiced in other countries. In a special interview to a channel, IIT Madras Director Professor V Kamakoti said that we feel proud that we have got the opportunity to host the G-20 Education Summit, this year.

In his interview, he told that after the Covid Pandemic, there has been a historical change in the education sector that now with the help of technology in education, we can teach the same things to the children sitting in Madhubani far away from Madras who study here. Technology has simplified many of our tasks but still a lot of changes are needed.

There are some tests which are possible only in the lab, how can we make such things possible for a student sitting far away, we need to work on them. Prof. Kamakoti also told that this summit will tie us with educational institutions of other countries and we will be able to develop such a course, some part of which can be studied here and some part which is special in that university.

Due to the visionary thinking of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the new education policy which has come in our country gives a lot of encouragement to such experiments. On the same basis, employment and industry development, he said that this summit will give us a chance to improve and develop in this sector. Here when we will meet the representatives of different countries, they will get an opportunity to understand the technology and requirement of their country.

By understanding their technique, we can change or improve our technique. We have many such start up companies which are making many such products which are needed by these countries. This will increase employment and industries in our country, along with this, employment opportunities will be created for the people of other countries from our country.

Giving information about the three-day G-20 Education Summit event , he said that in these three days we will showcase the art culture of our country along with education. This is the opportunity to inform the representatives of the country coming from overseas about our art and culture.

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