Exam Time – Plan & Prepare

by Suraj Kumar, @ersurajkumar

Board exams are right on the corner and students are burning oil in the night to get high score. Few students have already revised their curriculum twice or thrice, while majority are yet to cover half of the course. Owing to the struggle to cover a huge syllabus within a limited period of time, class notes prove handy which are otherwise neglected most of the time as they are either incomplete or not done at all which leads to an increased level of anxiety. Here are a few simple ways which can be useful for the students to prepare for their papers. An examinee ends up wasting precious time collecting proper notes and make photocopies something which can be avoided and solved with content – based study material available on the internet. But the problem here is one has to be very careful while using internet as it can bring a lot of distraction in the form of social networking and various online content which can affect focus and attention.

Another aspect of scoring well in exams is the circle of friends you are surrounded by. I always believe any topic discussed and explained by friends are easy to understand and long lasting. Also if one watches his friend continuously studying for hours, he also gets motivated to study properly and discussed the doubts thereby make the most of the time in preparation. But even in group study, the major problem is again distraction which can be avoided with these simple tips. Try not to have more than three students in a group and ensure that all are agreed to study seriously leaving aside any topic of common interest be it sports or movie gossips. Discuss the study topics and doubts whenever required and clear it immediately. It’s not a bad idea to even have a small quiz or problem-solving session whenever topics are discussed.

Studying early in the morning is useful compared to studying late night as you will be fresh in the morning after a good sleep in the night. Night studies are tiresome and waste of time, remember the aim is to utilize the time and not waste it. Studying and utilizing the day from early morning is more useful compared to studying late in the light due to factors such as climatic conditions and physiology. A strict routine with proper diet, sleeping on time in the night, getting up early to study and a little bit of walk in the lawn, park or garden helps body and mind to relax and recall whatever studied.

Support from family is very important and it’s the responsibility of parents to take out time from their busy schedule to help their child prepare a study plan for the exams. It is also crucial for parents to make their children understand that exams evaluate academics not capability and skill. This is important to check and stop suicide cases among students during exam time. Some parents put their burden of expectation on child and which sometimes gets fatal and there are many cases of suicides among students due to such pressure.

An example of this is students visiting Kota to crack premier medical and engineering entrance test. Statistics reveal that only one out of thousand are able crack the exams and the most disturbing fact is 10 to 12 suicide cases every year. A girl committed suicide stating the reason that she was embarrassed that her roommate scored more than her. It’s high time, we teach our child to appreciate others achievement and feel happy for them, we need to make them strong enough to accept failure gracefully and remain polite on success. We need to ensure that our children feel special and not compare their achievements with others.

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