Engineering in India has become a race

By: Shrayank Shrivastava, INN, @infodeaofficial, Chennai;

Scientists say about doing great things. Engineers do them” by James A. Michener speaks volumes about being an engineer. Many theoretical concepts of higher technology and inventions of day to day life machines have the hard work and brains of a group of engineers as their backbone.

India has the largest number of engineering graduates and engineering colleges globally. Bachelor of Technology(B.Tech) and Master of Technology(M.Tech) are the degree courses offered by Indian colleges with a duration of 4 years and 2 years respectively. Furthermore, a 5 year Dual-course (B.Tech+M.Tech) is also available in specific colleges. Engineering in India has become a race in which every science student is expected to run. Regardless of their interests, they are forced to follow a profession which works under the fallacious impression of guaranteed jobs whereas, in the current scenario, the demand supply curve of industrial needs and engineering graduates is at its deepest trough. According to a survey, every year 16 lac engineering students graduate and 70% have been deemed unfit for a job in terms of academic knowledge as well as soft skills.
Engineering should not be looked upon as a gateway to earn a handsome package, rather students need to do their research and have a firm reason of interest before actually opting for the degree. Engineering is a career for all those who are fascinated by technology and dream to help it advance, engineering is for those who believes in getting things to practicality, engineering is for those who dream of turning theories to appliances. Educational curriculum has its loopholes and shortcomings but a student must possess the zeal and grit of self study and the will to go an extra mile to study from online resources. It is imperative to remember that it takes 4 years to be an engineer but it requires immense interest and hard work to be a successful engineer.

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