Check population growth through girls’ education, says Nitish Kumar

Soumya Thakur, INN/Madhya Pradesh
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Women empowerment means uplifting women so that they can have their own opinions, dreams, and their decision-making power. It also means to educate men to help in the progress of a woman. Population control is a big concern in today’s era.

Law alone won't help, says Nitish Kumar after UP floats population control  bill - Hindustan Times

Bihar chief minister, Nitish Kumar spoke on the population control policy. When asked about his opinion on the policy he said that every state is independent to do what they want. But he also said that population control cannot be attained by just making laws.

Talking to media persons after the customary Janata Darbar, which restarts after a gap of nearly five years, Kumar said, “Every state is free to do whatever it can do to check population growth. Laws alone can’t help check the population. It was found after a lot of research work that the rate of reproduction comes down functionally if women are educated. Bihar has experimented with it by promoting education among the girls and achieved success. If it continued, the state would have negative growth of population after 2040.”

Education determining the most important base for imparting better knowledge maintaining sex ratio, and also controlling the population. Education for women is very important, it does not automatically mean that population growth will necessarily slow down.

On Sunday, the Uttar Pradesh government make an announcement of a new population policy for 2021-2030. The new policy provides allocation to give incentives to people who will help in population control. Uttar Pradesh draft law proposes to bar people with over two children from getting government jobs.

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