AMU to conduct online open book exams for final semester

Tannu Sehrawat, INN/New Delhi, @Infodeaofficial
The Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) has decided to conduct online open-book exams for final year students. AMU follows DU plan to hold the online exams for final semester students.
The University has also decided that an improvement exam for the intermediate semester would be conducted through the same procedure.
This decision was announced after a meeting was conducted by the examination committee. The exam date sheet was also announced.
According to guidelines, the exam and the conventional mode of exam will only be conducted after the result of the open book exam is out.
Some students having low internet connectivity like in J&K, those students have the option of appearing for the open-paper exam in September.
The procedure of open book examination is that students will need to download the question paper and refer to the right answer on the sheet, refer to their study materials and then send back the answers through email.
If the exams would be conducted as an alternative, many students would be against this decision because the network connection is poor because of it students will face technical problem like in download question paper.
All these exams shall be conducted in three sessions in a day, with a duration of two hours and provide one hoy extra for downloading of question paper and uploading the answer sheet.
The question paper will be sent by the examination branch via email to the college each day and the college sent it to students via email. If any student will unable to download the question paper then college will send the same via email and WhatsApp.

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