Day at Sea: The Indian Coast Guard Executes High-Profile Exercise to Showcase Operational Prowess

Pooja Priyadharshini. K, INN/CHENNAI, @PJ_pOoJa_k

In a bid to raise awareness about its multifaceted roles and operational challenges, the Indian Coast Guard (ICG) recently conducted a comprehensive exercise, marking a significant return after a hiatus due to various internal factors including the pandemic. The exercise, aimed at highlighting the diverse tasks performed by the ICG, saw participation from civilians, media personnel, and officials alike.

The ICG, known for its close collaboration with federal and state agencies such as police, fisheries, customs, and port authorities, undertakes a wide array of responsibilities spanning maritime safety, security, and environmental protection. Michael stressed the crucial role of the Coast Guard in fostering robust ties with coastal communities, particularly fishermen, through regular engagement events aimed at promoting maritime safety protocols and survival skills.

As part of the 48th Raising Day celebrations of the Indian Coast Guard, the Regional Headquarters organized a ‘Day at Sea’ on February 25 off the coast of Chennai. Distinguished guests including families of ICG personnel, TN State Administration officials, Port authorities, CISF representatives, and members of civic and private organizations were invited to witness firsthand the operational capabilities of the Coast Guard.

The event commenced with eight Indian Coast Guard ships setting sail from Chennai Harbor, carrying approximately 1500 individuals for a half-day excursion. Demonstrations showcasing the operational prowess of the Coast Guard fleet included high-speed interceptor boat maneuvers, formation maneuvers by larger vessels, simultaneous search and rescue operations by Coast Guard helicopters, and a display of firepower capabilities utilizing remote-controlled SRCG guns.


Furthermore, the exercise underscored the ICG’s firefighting capabilities at sea and helicopter aerial replenishment operations, leaving guests onboard awestruck by the scale and complexity of the operations witnessed.

As one of the world’s largest coast guards, the Indian Coast Guard shoulders the responsibility of safeguarding lives and properties at sea, along with protecting the nation’s economic interests within its Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) extending up to 200 nautical miles from the coastline. Additionally, the ICG serves as the primary agency for maritime search and rescue operations in the vast Indian Search and Rescue Region (ISRR), spanning 4.6 million square kilometers.

Notably, the Indian Coast Guard’s swift and decisive actions during recent natural calamities, including floods in Chennai and Tuticorin, resulted in the successful rescue of over 700 lives, highlighting the indispensable role played by the Coast Guard in ensuring maritime safety and security.


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