Welcome to medical school, which are sure turn your life upside-down


Rushali Riah;

“Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else.” – Dr. Launda Grazette, MD

Standing on the threshold of a brand new sojourn to your dreams you feel a million butterflies and let me tell you it’s an inevitable feeling. Let’s find out the symptoms that prove you are taking baby steps in a medical curriculum.

You get a really dumb feel when your lecturer asks, “Any doubts?” and you sit there quietly because you don’t even know what you don’t know. Kind of that feeling Neville Longbottom had when the remembrall turned red!

You get the constant pain to figure out the meaning of the subject names.

The unusual smell you get all the time when you are walking on the hallway, that’s my friend, is formalin.

You are no longer scared of exams because of all frequent fortnightly tests you have been preparing for all the time.

You only wait for the evenings in a day in order to catch-up on life.

The white coat becomes your final go to outfit.

The curiosity of catching a glimpse of the dead, and finally seeing the cadaver… Oh well! It’s just a part of our life now.

And then the dissection classes are the ones you look forward to.

When you are ever ready with your scalpel and forceps, and grab any opportunity to dissect.

Finally, when your first semester passes at the blink of an eye and you stand there thinking what just happened.

If you find any of the above-mentioned symptoms in your life, be very sure the medical school has indeed begun….

P.S. – My friend named my first cadaver as ‘Lady Goga’.

Yes, she has a name

I will be grateful to her for being a crucial part of my life.

White Coat Ceremony

“When you’re ready to quit just remember how good you’ll look in that white coat”

My first white coat ready for the ceremony.

White coat signifies professionalism. It holds varied interpretations and sundry other meanings but genuinely it is cosmopolitan symbolizing hope and healer.

For me, wearing a white coat impels me to be aware of the fact that trivial slip in my action may lead to huge loss and it makes me feel accountable for human life.

This ceremony is a tradition in which the medical school dean and his colleagues cloak students in their first white coat marking the official beginning of their medical profession.

Thereafter, the students are congratulated on their achievement in being selected as medical students. Donning the white coat reminds the wearer the promise made to heal and to cure.

In the end, all the students of the incoming batch take the oath which is a statement of solemn vows.

The statement of solemn vows – ‘The Oath’

In everyday life, when I see the white coat hanging in my space my soul takes delight and the corners of my mouth turn up.

At times, I have weird feelings such as – what if someone approaches me asking for help to save a life? I am not ready yet and it acts as a positive driving force to master the impeccable skills of health care.

I feel fortunate that I have been chosen to learn the art of saving lives. I have purposes greater than me.



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