Oppurtunities galore here – IIT Madras is the place for education

Manas Thakur, INN/Chennai,@manasthakur17
  Indian Institute of Technology Madras (IIT Madras) is an institution that has an ever rememberable impression on the city of Chennai. It is a mannah for those who come to the metropolis  of southern part of this nation to seek refuge in higher learning. 
The higher learning hub is where reputed companies throng should they need human talent for running business. Situated over a large space with a cool and calm atmosphere and lot of greenery on its premises, the spot turns delightful for living. 
Infodea ventured ahead to know more about this educational institution that has lot of other features to its credit. The reputed institution was established in 1959, it got the special privilege to have been carved out of a national park, Guindy National Park. 
Spread over 630 acres of a semi-forest area, IIT Madras is home to a huge variety of flora and fauna. It is delightful to know that many of the Banyan trees that form a part and parcel of the flora and fauna are more than 100 years old. Just stand under them, even the scorching heat of summer will never leave any impact on you.
Such a serene atmosphere can motivate anyone to spend good deal of time, students there are no exception to it. Academics also receive due attention from students, no wonder why they are most sought after talent pool. 
There is a post office (with IIT having its own pincode), two banks, two schools, a shopping center, and numerous small shops. Add to this the uncountable number of canteens and food shops that feed you all kinds of food available, with some of them open round-the-clock to satiate any hungry soul working late night.
The environment on the premises of this reputed establishment turns special during January. Thanks to annual technical fest Shaastra, lot of events are held as a part of it during the first month of a year that attracts good deal of crowd. 
Youngsters enthusiastically vie with each other to prove their mettle in these events, their spirit is only worth watching. Even events related to various departments on the organisation’s premises also make the atmosphere special.
Being in the IIT-M campus not only gives opportunities to
develop oneself to the fullest, but also to learn managing every aspect of life very precisely. The institute always ensures its students do their best, that is perhaps why the organisation leaves an imprint on our minds that is not easily erased from our memories.

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