Remembering the ‘Amar Balidan’- A tribute to Pulwama Attack Martyrs

Oly Banerjee, INN/Gwalior, @infodeaofficial

It was the midnight of 14th February 2019, around 3:30am, 78 vehicles figured a convoy carrying CRPF Jawans. Destined to reach Srinagar by the sunset.

Before every convoy movement, the highway undergoes a security check, the Jawans some of whom were talking on phone with their wives, some discussing about their children’s notorious activities, some singing, enjoying the news of the birth of their baby girl; amidst this gladness there was a sudden surge of a boom and everything came to an end at once.

Suddenly the peaceful valley echoed with the sounds of heavy shelling, sirens of ambulance, police vans. The TV news channels, radio channels were flooded with the news of a grievous explosion, officials confirmed that a SUV driven by local Kashmiri Adil Ahmed carrying 350kg of IED drove straight away in between two buses.

Again, an act of cowardliness was presented by the Pakistani terrorist group, Jaish-e-Mohammed, this brought tears to everyone’s eyes, as 44 jawans lost their lives, martyred, in order to save 133.92 crores, it seemed like the Pakistan backed terrorist group forgot the repercussion of the deadly Surgical strike.

People across India were outraged, they went on candle march to pay homage to Bharat Maata’s son who pledge to never lie, cheat or steal and consider being sincere, hardworking and fight till their last breathe as their earnest endeavor and consider “Bharat humko, jaan se pyaara hai”; curfew was imposed, people were raising slogans against Pakistan and terrorists, demonstrators put up barricades demanding that the attack should be avenged.

The attack was indeed despicable, it was a sign of desperation and frustration. Let’s unite against terrorism, let’s not allow terrorism to divide us, it is a matter of grave concern.

The prominent personas and the tri-services paid homage to the heroes, the ceremony stood elegiac with the bugle of “The Last Post”.

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