Mock session of United Nations held

Students take part in large numbers

By – INN/New Delhi/ @infodeaofficial

The Amity Law School turned centre of attraction recently when the seventh edition of annual academic simulation of United Nations was held. The objective behind this was to educate participants about current events, trends in the arena of international relations and the agenda of United Nation with regards to them.
The event titled AMIMUN’18 witnessed participation of students from different schools and different branches of Amity University (Madhya Pradesh). The students participated in committees like Human Rights, UNESCO, and General Assembly.
The first day of this two-day event was filled was enthusiasm, vigor, healthy arguments, pondering questions and substantial debates that portrayed the keenness of the students to resolve international dilemmas and create a ripple of change in the world through the ideas that are yet to be matured.  .
They prepared their topics issues after rigorous researches and later presented their opinions unhesitatingly. With a panel of journalists enacted by the participants, the conference employed critical thinking skills and heterogeneity of language use and communication. 
Others skills that were honed during the conference are public speaking, research, negotiating, policy analysis, conflict resolution and active listening, all channelled one after another as the participants represented the policies of their designated countries.
Adorning the platform given to the participants with an intent to multiply their abilities. They brought forth their respective cultures (as assigned) and point of views as they practiced resolving the crisis, diplomacy, leadership, and intellectualism. 
Students remained a charismatic and realistic clan of participants as they tested the limits of current international relations and heated issues.

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