Keep yourself ready to change over time: Paliwal

By- Ankita P. Doshi, INN/CHENNAI, @Infodeaofficial;                                                                                                                                                     

In order to live our lives in an easy way, it is necessary to bring changes within ourselves according to changing times. We are living in the 21st century where things keep changing at a very fast pace. So, it is important to pursue knowledge about all the changes and developments happening around us.

We must never stop the tendency of learning in our lives as every person and every situation helps us to gain perspective towards different avenues of life. The journey from a hustler to a winner is completed by those who are able to improvise and adapt from their lessons at the correct moment.

Being part of the 26th college day festival organized at MOP Vaishnav College for Women, Tamil Nadu’s Principal Secretary of Higher Education Department, Sunil Paliwal said that in today’s era, better education is strongly associated with getting better employment.

Selection of education is done on the basis what can pave way for better earnings whereas the sole purpose of education must be to transform an individual into a better human being. Paliwal said that Tamil Nadu is one of the highly recognized educational hubs where people come from a far distance to seek education. Therefore, if we get a chance to study at such a prestigious state, we should utilize it till its last drop.

During the program, the Chief Guest, Sunil Paliwal felicitated outstanding girls of different categories with medals, trophies and certificates. A lot of dignitaries, including Principal of the college Dr. Lalita Balakrishnan, Secretary Manoj Kumar Santhalia and Ashok Mundra graced the occasion with their presence.

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