ICG stands vigilant, Sri Lankan crew apprehended

S Vishnu Sharmaa, INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial
Our seas are safer, thanks to Indian Coast Guard. This was proved once again when its vigilance led to apprehension of 25 Sri Lankan persons who were illegally poaching in Indian waters.
The recent attacks in Jammu and Kashmir led to tightening of security on our coastal front in particular to prevent unwanted entry of anti-social elements who wreack a havoc on our country. An entensive patrol was conducted on our international maritime boundary line by Indian Coast Guard Ship as a part of security tightening measures.
The patrol led to apprehension of five Sri Lankan fishing boats which carried 25 crew members by Indian Coast Guard Ship Shaurya. Sri Lankans were illegally fishing in the Indian water, their boats had 4,200 kgs of tuna fish which was caught from Indian Exclusive Economic Zone.
Coast Guard is maintaining constant vigil on the eastern seaboard with the deployment of ships and aircraft regularly to monitor suspicious activities at Sea. Besides providing security to our Indian fishing boats by intensive surveillance, assistance to fishermen in distress at sea is also provided by Coast Guard.  

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