HCAS School of Media Studies students go on Industrial visit

INN/Chennai, @infodeaofficial 

The Students of I MA Journalism & Communication and IIIrd BSc Vis Com students of School of Media Studies went for an industrial visit to LV Prasad Film and TV Academy recently to gain insight in to film and TV making scenario. It is a part of co curricular activity as electronic media and film studies form a part of curriculum of their course of University of Madras they are undergoing at the moment.

Mr. Venkat a faculty of the academy as well as Mr. Arun Kumar Bose explained nuances of sound and how it is generated in film and TV. They said about 5.1 sound and how sound mixing is under taken for a film as students saw a short film that gave intro to various sounds coming in a film and explained significance.

The students moved on to know about Digital Intermediate of DI and Visual effects later to know how a commercial film is made and visual effects are done. They saw various layers of visual effects made on film done in a camera and saw the total effect plus the shot as VFX person demonstrated both to faculty and students.

Mr. C. Vishnu asst professor Vis Com and Journalism and Mr. S. Ganesh HOD i/c Journalism and communication accompanied the students. On the whole it was an interesting cum learning experience to staff and students of two courses.

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