HCAS School of Media Studies Conducts A Guest Lecture

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Recently, the HCAS Department of Journalism and  Communication of Media Studies had organized a guest lecture on Trends in Media and Journalism in its campus. Mr. Rangaraj, former  Bureau Chief  of Indian Express was the chief guest.  Dr. S. Thirumagan, Principal, Mr. N. Abul Faiz, Dean of MediaStudies and Mr. MP Prabhu, HOD Visual Communication Department as well as staff and students participated in the said event.

Mr. Ranganath, in his lecture as Chief Guest said, journalists are made on occasion as one who reported story of former PM Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination to PTI.  This story was instantly picked up and sent and recalled how Rajan Bala a sports correspondent of the Hindu who had reported an accident of a train and although he was from sports but he did as a good media usually does.  It is not the  style or language that matters most for a paper  but facts and relevance of the story to people and cited several examples where he had worked on assignments on government reporting.  People matters a lot and anything is important to them and it has to be kept in mind.  He said media have expanded, grown widely and new media have come about and it is for youngsters to get into as he suggested ways of working for or into media, as he ended.

In his welcome address, the Dean stressed the importance of guest lecture in Journalism to Journalism and other students. It is not only important to know basics but also various nuances and opportunities available in Journalism he said as he gave credits to Mr. Ranganath saying he’s a well qualified and experienced journalist who can deliver goods.

The Principal Dr. S.Thirumagan said, that this lecture will break monotony of theory classes and will pave for practical oriented knowledge.  He said, more that this lecture will open avenues and narrated a story of prominent Tamil journalist and how he was made into that role.  This  break from theory to practical class that will help students gain more knowledge and make a class room more interesting in learning.  He  found that the guest speaker a competent one who can share more insights into real practical aspects and wishing success to the students and staff on this occasion, as he ends his speech.

Earlier, the speaker was introduced by Mr.S. Ganesh,a faculty of Journalism Dept. and Miss KP Tuttu, Assistant Professor – Viscom proposed a vote of thanks. 

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