HCAS Conducts carnival for students with large participation

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The Hindustan College of Arts and Science Padur conducts its 2018-19 Carnival today in its campus at Padur as large number of teaching faculties and about 3000 students participated. Many games were conducted and the winners were awarded prizes and certificates.

On the whole, it was a joyous occasion to remember and students expressed enthusiasm in this extra curricular activity. It started at 9.00 Am and ends at 3.10 PM adhering to college starting and ending time

It had a. Catch the cash b. Hit the stump. C. Balls and Bucket d. Cups and thread e. Tossing a coin f. Blowing the tumbler using ballon g. Board Cricket h. Strike the goal i. Wacky Rina j. Slow Cycle race k. Grand master l.

Blind dot m. Pottu Veithal n. Bowling Game o. Cricket mini version p. N/W Gaming q. Tug of war r. Plot the point s. Lucky draw t. Guide me u.pitch and win v. Hide and seek w. angry bird x. Tik Tok y. Ball on the barket and z. Juke Box.

The students through out the show were active and helped in smooth conduct of games and carnival will come to close around3.10 PM. As day began to unfold, the Deputy Director Dr. V.J. Philip, the Principal Dr. S. Thirumagan and VP Mr. Samuel Sampath Kumar went around the campus encouraging students and teaching staff on regular intervals.

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