HCAS Christmas celebrations were on today in its campus

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HCAS held its Christmas day celebrations today in its campus as Rev Manoj Yuhan of Anna Nagar Marthoma church was the chief Guest of the occasion. The Principal Dr. S.Thirumagan the Deputy Director VJ Philip, Director Dr. Susan Marthandan College Chaplin Rev Joby Verghese participated as also students and staff of college in large number. 

It started with sining of congressional hymn followed by opening prayer of Rev Jobey Verghese, the college Chaplin as this followed with Welcome address by Dr. S. Thrumagan the Principal.

In his welcome address Dr. S. Thirumagan spoke high of the Chief Guest Rev.Manohar Yohan and of DirectorDr. Susan Marthandon and said Christmas is birth day of almighty or Jesus Christ. The principal said of Rev Yohun received degrees in sociology English/Malayalam and studied Divinity to become a priest of well received Anna Nagar Marthoma Church who blessed founder Dr. KCG Verghese before and credited the founder chairman Dr. KCG Verghese and Director Dr. Susan marthandon to the success of the institution welcoming Deputy Director Dr. VJ Philip, Deans HODs to this program as he ended.

The Director Dr. susan Marthandon presented memento to Chief Guest and vice principal of college Mr. Samuel Sampath Kumar presented bible reading from St Luke Chapter 2 pages 1-20 as it said all the World will be taxed and honing everyone in to holy city said of David and others Dr.Susan Marthandon the Director spoke it is nice to be in Christmas day celebrations in HCAS and spoke high of marthoma church of anna Nagar as she and her father the founder Dr.KCG Verghese had known it before and Rev.Manoj Yuhan is Vicar as her family belong to this church had a tradition said glory to god. She is happy to see festivities Christmas carols Choir. It is always a truth that Jesus Christ was born in August but celebrations are on Dec.25th he was 33 years and crucified and it is symbolised with Lamb cleansing blood of our sins in a righteous way.

She spoke of Thomas one of the disciples of Christ who came to Kerala landed and uttered hymns in Queen conceiving a child. The king allowed Thomas to gospel in Kerala but not outside but who subsequently came to Chennai Little Mount hid in a cave before he was put to death. This mount became St. Thomas mount and Marthoma church believes in sayings of St. Thomas who refused to believe in resurrection of Jesus Christ as he heard message but wanted proof as Marthomas belong to Syrian Orthodox church.

She said it is big history as in 1800 CSI established churches as British came ater established convents and hospitals and wished happy Christmas to everyone as god’s grace is with every one as she said and ended her speech.

It was time to see and hear Christmas Carols and HCAS students enacting a Christmas play how Jesus was born
The Vicar of Anna nagar Martthoma Church Mr.Manoj Yuhan the Chief Guest as became next to speak thanking college for inviting him as dr. susan marthandon and her family had known him before contributing generously to the church. Christmas is the occasion of joy good food cakes and wished everyone merry Christmas and happy new year 2019.

He said of three important points in his message as God who created the world wanted a place couldn’t find it We have to make earth a place for god second he said of giving away as so many poor people and those without means are in society and it is our duty to help them. Third, we have to make our place full of love joy and conducive for all and it is our duty to see that happens as he thanked everyone for giving him opportunity.

The Deputy Director Dr. VJ.Philip who instituted memorial awards in names of Sama Jacob his mother and Valsa Mathew his mother in law and guests gave way scholarships to Hindustan Community College students D Praveen Kumar vaidehi Karthick and A Sumiya.

This was followed with singing of Congressional hymn and lighting up of candles as a person dressed as Santas came in to hall greeting giving or splashing choclates Jingle bell song filled hall.

Dr.C.Elizabeth Rani Juneius HOD Bio-tech HCAS proposed a vote of thanks thanking the Chief Guest Manoj Yuhan the Director Dr.Susan marthandon the Deputy Director Dr.VJ Phillips Principal Dr. S.Thirumagan VP Samuel Sampath Kumar College Chaplin Rev Job Verghese Deans HODS teaching and non teaching staff students and all gathered in making the program a great success as it ended.

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