Australian students learn Big data analytics at VIT

By INN, Banglore, @infodeaofficial;

As an endeavour to internationalize education, VIT is offering short term courses to International students.The first technical institution in India to get 4-star QS ranking in this process,VIT has been conducting courses on Big data analytics. From the first batch in February this year, the course has attracted many students of Deakin University, Australia.

The office of International Relations and Data Analytics Research Group (DARG) of the School of Computing Sciences and Engineering in collaboration with IBM offered the courses for fifteen days. The multi-faceted programme concentrates on academics as well as cultural learning. Well planned and scheduled, the course includes industrial visits, cultural visits, hackathons and yoga sessions.

The 3rd season of the course was inaugurated recently enrolling eight students with a faculty of Deakin University, Australia. Speaking on the inauguration of the 3rd season, Director, International Relations, VIT, Dr. Joseph Sathiaraj said, “34 students of Deakin University have been benefited by the course so far and more such courses on other niche areas are being envisaged for the future”.

This is a very popular course among the students of Deakin University, and one of the International study abroad programmes that has included more students compared to the norm of 20 students” said Dr. Gang Li, Associate Professor, Deakin University.

One of the highlights of this programme is the web portal developed by the School of Computing Sciences and Engineering, VIT Chennai, to be used extensively to conduct lab activities and evaluate assignments given to the students during the course. “This web portal connects teachers and students anywhere anytime and gives the flexibility of doing assignments, solving problems etc. at the learning pace of the learners along with features like plagiarism check, code strength etc.” said DrM. Janaki Meena, the course coordinator.

The Pro Vice Chancellor,VIT,Chennai,Dr.N. Sambandam said that India’s diversity and theoretical strength in education is leading to research and industry – academia collaborations, adding that VIT Chennai added a chapter to it by including the international courses.

Dr.S.P. Syed Ibrahim, Assistant Director, International Relations and Prof.R. Karthik, Programme Coordinator participated and praised the management and the students of Deakin University, for their continued support to the success of this short – term course.

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