A One Day IPR Workshop at HCAS


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 The Hindustan College of Arts and Science, conducted one day work on Intellectual Property Rights in its campus participated by the faculties and other colleges. Mrs. Gomati Padma Thialaga, women scientist in TNSCT was the chief guest. Dr K. Malar Vizhi, IQAC co-ordinator and Dr. S. Thirumagan, Principal addressed the gathering. In her address, Dr. K. Malar Vizhi welcomed everybody and said it is happy to be here on one day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights as required to be a part of NAAC.

The principal Dr. S. Thirumagan, in his presidential address said that, it is required for accreditation purposes and quoted Swami Vivekananda Arise and Awake. The teachers should not simply come and go and concentrate on development and research as well as publications. They should undertake projects for college and contribute in useful curricular activity as this work shop is he said. He spoke about the outstanding qualities of the chief guest on being a woman scientist who possesses good knowledge on IPR and wished her success, as he ended.

The Chief Guest was introduced as a person possessing Masters in Food Technology and knowledge in IPR and women scientist of DST Government of India as Mrs. Thilaga started he speech o power point presentation. She defined Intellectual Property Rights as something of property like one who can understand in intelligent way. She said of patents, trade marks copy right industrial design plant varieties and others. Trade marks are associated with products and she defined types of trade marks. She also said of roles of IPR cells/ centres being industry partnership consultancy technology transfer and in identifying screening protecting and also of role of government. Patents were first awarded in 1867 and 400 clip patents were given. She also spoke of types of patent application and time required to get patents and covered entire gamut of IPR and all ramifications involved in it.

Dr. A. Ganesh Kumar faculty of Microbiology delivered the vote of thanks thanking the Director Dr. Susan Marthandan, Deputy Director – Academics, Dr. VJ Philip, The Principal Dr. S. Thirumagan, Chief Guest Mrs.Thialaga VP, Mr. Samuel Sampath Kumar, Deans HODs, faculties and non teaching staff for making the occasion a success.

Participants were given certificates by Dr. S. Thirumagan, the Principal and Ms. Thialaga the Chief Guest.

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